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POEM: Honest Joy

Honest Joy

To the morrow!

Where the sun kisses the horizon

Between veils of creation

Time stands still and asks a single question:

Where do you source your power?

By Loving as only Love can Love.

Fully. Fearlessly. Without question.

Unbridled devotion melting

Bones, blood, spirit into

One form of luminosity

Offered in the silent spaces between seeking

Satisfaction lives in the complete act of

Living Love Now

Welcome yourself

into this new space within you—

Your home, both known and mysteriously fresh,

Washed anew each time you enter.

Bask in this seat of presence

Nestled within the kernel of your heart.

Your body-being illumined with

the golden elixir of the sun

Floating above your throat.

Honey drinking itself,

Dripping down,

Opening through your tailbone.

Growing your root

Able to respond with awe + wonder.

Available to life

You marvel and weep

Joy grief joy grief joy grief…

Dissolving distinctions,

You are the wave surfing

Along the fins of the dolphin.

Have you forgotten?

The ocean relies on her magnetism

To access the delight of feeling you

Gliding through her liquid folds

Gaze upon the sunset with this thought:

The sun actively desires your attention

Your gaze

Your presence

to shine upon it.

The mountains,

The glistening surface of the water,

The forest,

The stars...

They all desire you

Drawing your attention out to meet them.


Drink in the beauty around you

Yet do not forget that you too, are beauty

Desired by the natural world.

How is it?

How does it feel to discover that you

Are a source of beauty that fuels

The exuberance of the natural world?

Can you allow yourself to be drawn out even more?

One breath in, one breath out.

And again.

In constant union.

The opportunity of Life is upon you!

How much can you allow yourself to merge with creation?



Welcoming the tides of life

As they beckon you

Into the expression of a more honest joy.

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