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Artist and teacher Ariel Saint White has presented to audiences from more than 30 countries. One half of the creative duo with husband Warwick Saint, called the “Love Saints,” her work has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey network and commissioned by some of the most prolific entrepreneurs of our era. She has inspired thousands of women to have a more wholesome, satisfying relationship with pleasure and nature through her art & teachings.

As a performance artist Ariel has developed original material and performed at the Singapore Repertory Theater, the Dairy Center for Performing Arts and A Fest Ibiza. Her art focuses on the themes of eros, female sovereignty and connecting with nature in the information age.

Founder of My Little Yoni (the world’s first vagina superhero!) Ariel partners with top OBGYNs to give moms & kids quality sex-ed and vulva care.


Angel investor and advisor to innovative campaigns and companies, Ariel’s projects have ranged from remote engineering, clean energy, criminal justice reform, policy change, eco-luxe fashion, land conservation, and female med tech.


Ariel lives between Montana and Topanga Canyon with her husband and son, preferring wilderness for day to day living and urban jungle for spurts of inspiration.

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